World of Scriptcraft
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    1-5x Experience Rate
    1x Reputation Rate
    1x Honor Rate
Non-Game Info
LocationUnited States of America
Version1.12.1 / 1.12.2

World of Scriptcraft was a vanilla private server based in the United States which had a somewhat large population (peak 2700). The server was launched twice, the first initial release was a success with a large population but due to the lack of administration of the realm shut down.

However, players loved the realm so much that they gathered money and asked the admin to once again release it. The admin agreed to this but also told the community that he will not have a lot of spare time to work on it as he did on the first release. The gathered money eventually ran out (after approximately 6 months) and the realm was once again down.

Just before the server was about to close the second time, the admin of the server published the databases from both the initial and second release and their community created a poll that was open for about 2 weeks where it was decided to give the databases to Valkyrie-WoW and ask for a merge. On the 19th of September 2012 the merge from Scriptcraft was completed and all players that had had accounts on either the first initial release of Scriptcraft (aka Scriptcraft 1) and/or the second release (Scriptcraft 2) could log online on the Valkyrie-WoW realm to once again play on their characters.

Custom Content

World of Scriptcraft had no custom content whatsoever on the second release, though had a special .exp command which would allow a player to progress from levels 1-60 at a rate of 1x to 5x. It was very faithful to the World of Warcraft vanilla experience, and much attention to detail went into certain code snippets such as making Warlock fear work absolutely right.

On the first inital release there was custom content though, a so called leveling NPC in each starting zone. This NPC allowed players to instantly become level 49 with a basic set of gear and free spells, they were also teleported to their main city (humans to Stormwind and so on).


Scriptcraft I was fully scripted and released through The Temple of Anh'Qiraji. With Naxxramass partially scripted, but never released.

Scriptcraft II was release with content through BWL, however never progressed further.

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