Guild Manifesto Progression Other
120px Untouchable
Attributes PvE, Prismatia, Alliance Faction Alliance 15
Leader Azathoth Language English
Formed October 9, 2012


Untouchable has a very loose rule structure, and the three tenets are:

  1. No drama.
  2. Try to be respectful.
  3. Do not disrespect other guilds.


Untouchable was formed as a guild for English speaking individuals specifically, much like Honor Guard, though its creeds may not be the same. The purpose of Untouchable is to be a social guild first, and a raid guild second. To this end the purpose of Untouchable is to be loose and promote freedoms among its members, instead of stringent cookie cutter roles and designs.

The guild strives to promote cooperation and friendly atmosphere. There is no requirement or mandate for its members, so long as they are respectful of all members and other guilds. The purpose of Untouchable is to provide a place for all players who enjoy the game for being a game.

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