Khaz Modan is a mountainous continent and kingdom of the Eastern Kingdoms. It is the home of the Ironforge Clan which is ruled by the Bronzebeard Clan. The dwarven kingdom was founded after the awakened dwarves ventured out from the ancient city of Uldaman. The continent was named the "Mountain/Mountains of Khaz" after the Titan shaper Khaz'goroth, thought to be the creator of the dwarven race.

Khaz'goroth means "dwarf-puller" or "dwarf-maker" derived from the words "khuzd" which means dwarf in khuzdul, and "goroth" with means "pull/door" in Sindarin (Khuzdul and Sindarin are two languages created and used by J.R.R Tolkien in his literature).The mountains here are also called the Khaz Mountains. Khaz Modan has been shown to be a continent on several maps, and described as such in the RPG.

In the World of Warcraft Manual the continent of Khaz Modan is referred to as both Khaz Modan and Loch Modan.


Zones (WoW)

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