Cenarion Raiment is the Tier 1 set for Druids.


All Tier 1 set items drop in Molten Core.

[Cenarion Belt]Trash MobsBoE
[Cenarion Bracers]Trash MobsBoE
[Cenarion Boots]LucifronBoP
[Cenarion Gloves]ShazzrahBoP
[Cenarion Helm]GarrBoP
[Cenarion Leggings]MagmadarBoP
[Cenarion Spaulders]Baron GeddonBoP
[Cenarion Vestments]Golemagg The IncineratorBoP


Tauren druid wearing Cenarion Raiment
Night elf druid wearing Cenarion Raiment


Cenarion Raiment
Inv bracer 03


The name is inspired by the demigod Cenarius, Lord of the Forest and the patron of all druids.

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Patch changes

  • Patch 1.8.0 (patch date:2005-10-10): The Cenarion Druid set bonus that improves Thorns damage now properly works when Thorns is cast on other players. 
  • Patch 1.6.0 (patch date:2005-07-12): Now has updated art. 
  • Patch 1.5.0 (patch date:2005-06-07): Statistics, effects, and set bonuses updated. 

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