CombatMobElite 32
Bleak Worg
Bleak Worg
Race Worg
Level 18 Elite
Health 1251
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Shadowfang Keep

Bleak Worgs are the first monsters a party would encounter in Shadowfang Keep. They are coupled with companions - Shadowfang Whitescalps.


These worgs, bred by Arugal, have a grasp over mind and body magic - a special branch of magic of darkness. It is unknown how Arugal bestowed such power upon them, but now they pose a dread threat to any attackers that dare siege the great Shadowfang Keep.

Attacks and Abilities


Simplistic monsters, as the first encounters in Shadowfang Keep, paired with Shadowfang Whitescalps. When you engage these duets, it's recommended you kill the worgs first and only then the whitescalps.


They drop the regular small-drops of wolves. They can be skinned, and you may receive some leather from them. But the most important part is, that they have a very small chance to drop the following items, like all the other non-boss monsters of Shadowfang Keep:

Inv weapon shortblade 24
Inv mace 01
Inv sword 41
Inv hammer 08
Inv axe 24
Inv throwingaxe 06
Inv sword 13
Inv wand 04

Inv bracer 07
Inv chest cloth 36

Inv chest leather 08



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