• Battlegear of Wrath
  • 5623 Armor
    +127 Strength
    +231 Stamina
    +10 Arcane Resistance
    +40 Fire Resistance
    +10 Frost Resistance
    +10 Nature Resistance
    +30 Shadow Resistance
  • Equip: Increases your block rating by 15.
    Equip: Increases your defense rating by 88.
    Equip: Increases your dodge rating by 24.
    Equip: Increases your parry rating by 20.
    Equip: Increases the block value of your shield by 41.
  • Battlegear of Wrath (8 pieces)
  • [Bracelets of Wrath]
    [Breastplate of Wrath]
    [Gauntlets of Wrath]
    [Helm of Wrath]
    [Legplates of Wrath]
    [Pauldrons of Wrath]
    [Sabatons of Wrath]
    [Waistband of Wrath]
  • (3) Set: Increases the attack power granted by Battle Shout by 30.
    (5) Set: 20% chance after using an offensive ability requiring rage that your next offensive ability requires 5 less rage to use.
    (8) Set: 4% chance to parry the next attack after a block.
  • Combined stats.

Battlegear of Wrath is the Tier 2 set for Warriors.


Tier 2 drops mainly in Blackwing Lair, except for the legplates which drop from Ragnaros in the Molten Core. All items are Bind on Pickup.

[Helm of Wrath]Nefarian
[Legplates of Wrath]Ragnaros
[Bracelets of Wrath]Razorgore the Untamed
[Waistband of Wrath]Vaelastrasz the Corrupt
[Sabatons of Wrath]Broodlord Lashlayer
[Gauntlets of Wrath]Firemaw, Ebonroc, Flamegor
[Pauldrons of Wrath]Chromaggus
[Breastplate of Wrath]Nefarian


Night elf female
Tauren female
Gnome male


Battlegear of Wrath


This set's various bonuses (high Stamina, bonus to Block, Parry, Dodge, and Defense) will help a warrior become a better tank.

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Patches and hotfixes

  • Patch 1.9.0 (patch date:2006-01-03): Updated with new art. 
  • Patch 1.8.0 (patch date:2005-10-10): The 5-piece set bonus for the Warrior's Wrath set now works with Whirlwind. 
  • Patch 1.5.0 (patch date:2005-06-07): Statistics, effects, and set bonuses updated. 

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